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What is Symbiotic Art?

Symbiotic Art is created by Brian Lassen who has illustrated since 1989 and sold his artwork since 2000. He has a background as a natural science researcher and teacher.


1-30th of September 2017

The exhibition in Præstø library, Denmark, is now open. Please come and visit.

There are postcards hdden in Præstø library. Have fun going treasure hunting in the library! You may keep the card if you find one.















September 2017

Exhibition in Præstø, Denmark.


14th of May 2017, 8 am

The radio program P4 Sjælland, P4 Weekend, with the host Stine Bram Nielsen, interviewed Brian Lassen about his red wine and coffee paintings.

Listen to the broadcast (P4 Weekend: 1 hour and 8 min into the program).


6th of January 2017

The newspaper Sjællandske published an interview with Brian Lassen about red wine and coffee paintings.


1st of November to 30th of April 2017

Brian Lassen exhibited his art in the gallery Marianne Lynge, Algade 59, Vordingborg, Denmark..


















The art is the experimenting form of expression where new ideas and materials are tested. This is the pillar that ensures constant development and innovation.


Magazines, books, games, and net content, We are good at finding the right illustration that creates the atmosphere that support the text.

Creative product development

Colors can and is a lot of things. At Symbiotic Art we push the boundaries and explore new concepts that can activate as many senses as possible when experiencing an image. In this image coffee and red wine is used.


Why paint with coffee and red wine?


When coffee or red wine makes a mark on a piece of a paper, the paper becomes a little more special - both leave beautiful colors. Many of us have good memories with coffee and red wine. Brian Lassen has taken the essence of all this beauty and creates paintings with coffee and red wine. Art that can awake memories, feelings, thoughts and imagination.

Normal paintings are dead and locked in time. But coffee and red wine paintings are organic – they change. This can be used to create different effects. You can expect your painting to develop together with you.


When people describe coffee and red wine paintings they often talk about their feelings. The paintings are therefore excellent as personal gifts for yourself or others, as atmosphere-creating paintings in a café, and as for setting a mood as book illustrations.


It is Brian Lassen’s vision that his art is able to affect and be affected by its surroundings. When this happens in biology for mutual benefit, it is called a symbiosis. Thus the name Symbiotic Art.


Examples of other works

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